Why We Strive Toward the Metaverse and What It Means for Brands

  • It encompasses all AR and VR immersive technology.
  • It spans the virtual and physical worlds across multiple platforms.
  • The metaverse never “pauses” or “resets.” Just like the physical world, it continues indefinitely.
  • People can have complete virtual identities with the agency for peer-to-peer interactions, world-building, and transactions.
  • It has a fully functioning economy, typically built on cryptocurrency and digital assets.
  • AI-driven virtual worlds
  • Virtual spaces
  • Video games (The metaverse can include gamification and actual games, but it is not a game)
  • User-generated content platforms (This isn’t the “new YouTube”)



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Dina Mostovaya

Dina Mostovaya

Founder of Madrid-based consulting firm Mindset Consulting. Global Public Relations #Consultant specializing in strategic #communications