Medtech & Biotech Companies: Why Do They Need PR?

Some facts & numbers about the current industry

Due to the current global pandemic, there has been a visible period of growth within the medtech and biotech industries. And the numbers back this up: VC investment into both healthtech and biotech startups achieved a new record this year compared to 2020. Healthtech startups have already raised $44.6B, which is 1.3x more than the previous year’s funding total.

Why PR is beneficial for medtech & biotech companies

It empowers a company to stand out from the crowd. PR helps your business to differentiate itself from competitors, enabling you to assert your position in the market.

What are the key elements of great medtech & biotech PR?

A deep understanding of the market. Pitching cannot be separated from its industrial context. In other words, you cannot talk about telemedicine trends without understanding the number of players in the market, the specifics of their products, the demands of the audience, and the level of investor interest.



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Dina Mostovaya

Dina Mostovaya

Founder of Madrid-based consulting firm Mindset Consulting. Global Public Relations #Consultant specializing in strategic #communications