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I’ve already shared my personal list of biotech startups to watch in Eastern Europe, and I want to keep introducing you to bright and fast-growing projects. So today’s article is dedicated to an equally interesting industry: EdTech.

According to Grand View Research, in 2019 the EdTech industry was valued at $76.4 billion, and it’s predicted to grow by 18.1% every year over the next seven-year period. Rather than slowing things down, the pandemic has triggered a growth spurt in this sector, as distance learning has taken off and education has shifted online for all.

So with that in mind, here…

I read this article from recently. It makes some great points about why overlooking the startup industry in Russia, Latvia, Poland, Estonia and other Eastern European countries is not a good strategy. In brief:

● In these regions, fewer resources are required for delivery of tech solutions;

● The number of potential unicorns is pretty high;

● Eastern European startups are very good at scaling their business globally (just look at Miro, PandaDoc, Telegram, Flo, etc.);

● Great engineering talents can be easily found in Russia, Belarus, and Ukraine.

For me, all of these advantages are clear, as I…

The lockdown (and especially my study of business coaching) influenced the way I see effective communication, and I reconsidered my habits.

Eighteen months ago, I wrote a column that simultaneously provoked lots of skepticism and admiration. Some people said that half of what I wrote was fiction, while others admitted that they made a note of the life hacks I shared. The lockdown (and especially my study of business coaching) influenced the way I see effective communication, and I reconsidered my habits.

I no longer schedule morning meetings


Before, I always scheduled meetings for early in the morning: regular 7:30am breakfasts with clients seemed like…

The right reaction to a challenging situation can save a company’s reputation -and even its business.

According to Timothy Coombs, a scholar of communications from the University of Illinois, it’s not hard to recognize a crisis: it involves an element of surprise, a threat to reputation, and a limited timeframe in which to make a decision. About 35% of such situations are born in online media, and a slightly fewer cases in social media. But it’s this second type of media where the “fire” flares up with greater speed and intensity.

Telegram messenger, for example, has a citation rate higher…

When I run, I feel like I’m getting closer to my goal. Whatever that goal might be

It seems that almost everyone these days is embracing exercise. But if you still have a hard time motivating yourself to get out and running, this post is for you. PR consultant Dina Mostovaya talks about the benefits of exercise, and how to find the motivation to get — and stay — active.

Exercise for me is an activity like any other. In developed countries, people go running, or join fitness clubs or cycle groups. But in less developed countries, children run from…

The DLD Conference through a PR consultant’s eyes

Since 2013, I’ve been consulting in the sphere of strategic communications, and providing PR services to technological companies and venture funds. I have worked with startups, with venture capital firms, and with companies from the Fortune 500 list, such as Microsoft, PayPal and eBay. Over the years, my clients have included EdCrunch, MEL Science, Genotek, Target Global, Gett, Karfidov Lab, Prisma Labs, and others.

I often go to international conferences. Over the last two years, I’ve been to two Web Summits in Lisbon, the Emerge conference in Minsk and TechCrunch Disrupt in…

I’ve been a PR consultant for over six years now. I constantly have to juggle several projects, meetings with clients and journalists, self-improvement, sports and self-care, conferences and business trips. Over time, I have developed my own series of rules to ensure my personal and professional efficiency. I want to share them in the hope they can help someone else in the same way they’ve helped me.

The right start

1. The morning is my most productive time. Thirty minutes after waking up I’m already properly working. For the first three hours of the day, I’m the world’s most productive…

I’ve been working as a PR consultant since 2013, and I plan my own work schedule. I don’t have a boss to give me tasks and deadlines, so it’s important to be able to motivate myself and to create a viable work environment. So I want to share with you the helpful habits that I use in my work and private life.

1. Meditation

I began to do morning meditations 18 months ago. My mentor kept telling me to meditate, but it wasn’t until I read someone’s words — “Emotions hinder you from making the right decision” — that I…

Dina Mostovaya

Founder of Minsdet Consulting. Global Public Relations #Consultant specializing in strategic #communications

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